The interactive AR app

for colouring and learning


The interactive AR app with wow effect


Make books and pictures come to life in the twinkling of an eye with the augmented-reality app MagicDadoo. Colour in a picture from one of the MagicDadoo colouring books, scan the picture using the free app and watch your characters come to life on the page. Summon up dragons and unicorns from the magic forest and let the characters roam freely around the room.

But wait! With MagicDadoo, not only can you paint, you can also watch videos on exciting subjects and test your knowledge in an entertaining quiz. Which breed of horse is the largest? How much water can a camel drink in one go? Which part of the world has the most poisonous animals? Find out with MagicDadoo!

You just need your smartphone or tablet and the free MagicDadoo app, and away you go!

MagicDadoo: read, scan, wow!
How it works:

  1. Start the app and select your book from the Knowledge section.
  2. Hold your mobile phone or tablet over one page of the book so that you can see the entire page on the screen.
  3. After a short time, a quiz or a short video will appear on the selected subject.

The horse video was great! I love horses! Especially Haflingers. And in the book I could learn all about riding and everyday life in the stables.

(Sarah, aged 8)

MagicDadoo is a wonderful opportunity to combine books with other media and technology. The children find the videos really exciting.

(Cathi, teacher)

The robot is walking up and down in front of me - brilliant! Exactly how I coloured him! Will you tell us later how it’s done?

(Max, aged 4)

A completely new type of colouring book with really exciting effects. My children love it and the eldest says that, even at eight years old, colouring is still pretty cool!

(Carla, mother of two)

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Jump into a world of horses, take a trip into space, discover everything about wild animals or learn new things about the earth. Once you have done some reading and seen a couple of videos, you’ll certainly be able to answer all the quiz questions easily!

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Want to try out the new functions right away? Then download two pages from our books of knowledge and be inspired! The expanse of space, horses and ponies, animals of the world and an exciting world atlas are just waiting to be discovered.

circle_pferde Horses
circle_weltatlas The World

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Colour in, scan, and be amazed! Four exciting worlds are waiting to be discovered. Bring cute animals, crazy robots and magical creatures to life, or send a rocket explorer straight to the moon. All you need is the free MagicDadoo app for tablet or smartphone.

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Want to try it out right away? Just download the free MagicDadoo app onto your smartphone or tablet and away you go! Discover the world of MagicDadoo with our colouring and knowledge books.

Simply scan a coloured picture from one of the MagicDadoo colouring books using the app and bring your characters to life. Extra cool: see and hear many of the animations! Or would you like to find out all about horses, the universe, our earth or wild animals? Then our Knowledge range is just right for you. Scan a page from one of these clever books and watch videos straight away or do a quiz on the subject of the book.

Download the free MagicDadoo app from the App Store or the Google!

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